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What Lens? – How I chose what I have

I bought my Nikon D3300 with a 18-55mm kit lens, and a Sigma 70-300mm zoom lens as part of a bundle deal, figuring I’d definately want a zoom lens (and I was right!). However these lens soon showed their shortcomings, and I’ve spent many months debating what other lenses I should acquire to round off my kit. First of all I decided lenses are where I should spend my money rather than upgrade the camera, even though the D3300 is a budget DSLR and has itself many shortcomings (see┬áNikon D3300…

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Nikon D3300 – Why I bought it and why I may or may not upgrade

I’ve wanted to get into photography for some time. I had a Practica and then a Fuji SLR camera when I was in my late teens, early 20’s, and started getting into photography as a hobby mostly taking photos of landscapes around where I live (the fairly flat and fairly boring Suffolk, England). But then “life” took over and the camera was put on a shelf (and eventually disposed of, though can’t remember how or when). Back in those days cameras used film (digital yet to be invented) and focus…

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Old Photos

Here are some old photos of my Mum and Dad and other family members, some still with us, some not. Mum has 1000’s of photos randomly scattered around her home so I thought I’d save some of the older ones, some of which were taken 60+ years ago and most of which I’d never seen before.

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