More Lightroom High Jinks

I went to Swaffham Raceway on Saturday to take some photos of my step-son’s Legends race car. I shot them all in RAW so that I could spend some time post-processing them in Lightroom, and for the most part I’m really pleased with how they came out. Here’s an album I uploaded to Flickr:

As I don’t really know what I’m doing in Lightroom I just started playing with the many and varied sliders Lightroom provides, by setting them individually to their lowest and highest values to see what they did and then cranking them down or up until I was happy with the result.

These images are significantly over-processed, but I like the result, in particular they have been extremely sharpened, and I’ve set clarity to maximum and de-haze to about +50, as well as the usual adjustments for highlights, shadows, blacks and whites etc. In my opinion it gives the car a polished punchy look it.


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